Getting Dental X-Rays

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A regular dental checkup is usually the best time and place to have your teeth effectively cleaned. Certain in-depth cleanings can’t be achieved on your own at home, which is why you need to visit the dentist regularly. During your routine visits, our team at Dr. Graham's Dental Wellness Center will likely take X-rays of your mouth once a year. This part of your visit is indispensable.

What is it about dental X-rays that makes them so important? Let’s take a moment to answer that question.

Detecting cavities
One of the most important reasons for taking X-rays of your teeth is to help detect and treat cavities early on. With regular X-rays, Dr. Adriane Graham can monitor your oral health and quickly identify any problem areas in your mouth that may turn into cavities. With this knowledge, she can provide any necessary treatment to help you avoid more serious dental issues, ultimately saving you time, money and future discomfort.

Detecting tooth infections
Because dental X-rays can see through the different layers of your teeth, they make it possible for our dentist to locate any issues you may have with your dental roots. Infections are a common issue with dental roots, especially in situations where patients have poor oral health. By detecting potential infections early on, our team can provide the necessary treatment and help you keep your natural teeth.

Regardless of whether taking dental X-rays seems unnecessary during your visit, they provide great benefits that help us keep your smile healthy. If you wish to learn more about how we use dental X-rays in Inglewood, California, and how they can benefit your smile, we invite you to call us today at 310-742-6088.